Gartner Cool Vendor-2017

ActiveWrite Named
Cool Vendor in
Content Services

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ActiveWriteTM transforms
document creation, editing
and sharing.

Control security of content
within any document.

revision control
and infinite
tracking of changes.

Document branching, sub versioning
and document genealogy.

sharing of
content from
one document
to another.

ActiveWrite is tackling one of the most challenging problems in content management -
making sure content is up to date, accurate, consistent and in compliance across an
enterprise. A solution to this challenge is as valuable as it is difficult to find.

Ronen Vengosh, VP Business Development, EGNYTE

Currently, all content created by document editors is stored in files. These conventional file-based systems face many control challenges - control of versions, access, edit permissions, content duplication and reuse, to name a few. Current solutions no longer meet the complex needs of users, organizations and business processes.

ActiveWrite transforms document creation, sharing and editing. Instead of storing documents as files, their contents are converted into logical data components or objects, such as paragraphs, headings, tables, charts, and lists. This allows tracking of individual items of content as they are created and changed over time. No need to keep updating and saving whole documents. All content objects have their own security permissions. And so much more. Net net, control issues are a thing of the past. You are in control with ActiveWrite.

Break away from the limitations of file-based systems with ActiveWrite’s patent-pending technology.

Edit Permissions

Now you can not only set user permissions for the document, but also for individual piece of content in the document!


Simultaneous editing and co-authoring, with continuous change tracking.

Version Control

View a document at any point in time, and see which user did what, where, when.


Impervious to viruses or ransomware.


Work with any file format.


Significantly reduces required storage space.

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Business License

Business licenses are available to legal entities, including companies and organizations (both
for-profit and non-profit), which require ActiveWrite for general commercial use.

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Enterprise License

Enterprise licenses are available to legal entities, including companies and organizations
(both for-profit and non-profit), which require the software for general enterprise use, such as
business critical processes that employ custom workflow solutions or where ActiveWrite is
integrated into an existing enterprise solution.

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