Shared documents with need-to-know security & auditing

ActiveWrite replaces Microsoft Word and Google Docs for confidential documents.

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Collaboration and control – sharing and security

Never email another confidential document

Live Collaboration

Empower teams to co-edit documents with visibility of edits, comments, votes and approvals - in a secure, fully-logged, no-copy, no-print environment.

Audit History

View the full history of views, edits, deletes, comments, votes, approvals, prints, and merges by every user - in a secure ledger that can't be overwritten.

Version History

View content as it existed at any point in time: fast-forward or rewind to see the effect of every change and who made it.

Control the "Who"

Define which users and teams have access to what content, to the project and/or the individual document level.

Control the "What"

Limit what content each user or team can see: a whole document or selected parts - everything else is  redacted .

Control the "When"

Limit access to content by time of day and day of week, and automatically cut off access after the project end date.

Control the "Where"

Limit access to content and ability to print by IP address, geolocation, and/or the specific client machine being used.

Control the "How"

Limit how each user or team can act on content: view, edit, delete, comment, vote, approve, print, and/or merge.

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Use Cases


Budgets require input from many people and departments. Allow people to read and contribute to just the budget areas they should be involved with. Prevent accidental disclosure of controversial budget information before it's ready.


Developing contracts requires collaboration between lawyers and business stakeholders. Simplify the review of complex agreements by tracking and reporting the complete history of edits and comments.


Develop policies, budgets, regulations and legislation with strict need-to-know security. Allow individuals to read and contribute to just sections they need to know, with no other access. Keep all information non-public until it's ready.

Bid & Proposal

Develop confidential bids and proposals in an extended team. Easily reuse proven and approved boilerplate content. Ensure strict versioning and review processes. Align proposal development with Shipley Method process milestones.


Engineering requires collaboration and responsibility. Enable your employees and suppliers to work together on design specs. Know which supplier or individual wrote, read, reviewed and approved each separate engineering decision.


Develop confidential prospectuses and finance agreements securely. Know who read, wrote, reviewed and approved what content. Be confident of every edit when developing complex documents. Ensure regulatory compliance.


For research groups and collaborative projects, track and report each person's contribution. Review all comments and changes, and attribute content to its contributors. Enable student-teacher and groupp collaboration.


Develop and maintain bank policies and procedures. Manage the review and approval process in an extended team. Enable collaboration and review in the assembly of loan packages.

Life Sciences

Enable contuinity of documentation in extended teams. Use a standard approved content library to ensure consistent labeling across all products. Ensure regulatory compliance in

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